Message from the Village – Updated 6/24

The Village is aware of an incident at Village Park involving the removal of certain parrot nests by a subcontractor of the Village.  The nests were removed as part of an upgrade to the facility’s ballfield lighting.  The Village received complaints that the nests were not removed in a professional manner resulting in the loss of a number of parrots.  We have reported the matter to the proper authorities for a full investigation.  We have also demanded a complete report from the responsible contractor.

This action regrettably resulted in the unnecessary loss of bird life which could have been avoided.  First, be aware the Mayor and Village Board are appalled at the callous and unprofessional actions of our contractor and the subcontractor resulting in this inhumane loss.  As you may know by way of history, the Village hired a contractor, Johnson Controls, a nationally respected leader in the field of energy conservation as part of an innovative Village wide cost neutral green energy initiative.  Part of this contract included the upgrade of lighting at Villages Park.  Johnson Controls in turn hired an animal control specialist to responsibly remove certain parrot’s nests from the lighting so the work could be performed and supervised the activity as the general contractor.  At no point, until it was too late, was the Village aware that the actions of the animal control specialist and subcontractor would harm any bird life.  The Village immediately self-reported the matter to the police, ASPCA and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  We requested a thorough and complete investigation and demanded that those responsible are held accountable as we deal with this terrible loss.