Mayor’s Message – July 2021

For most of our residents, 4th of July celebrations include backyard BBQ’s, swimming, boating with family and friends, and often involve fireworks.  That being said, I would like to remind everyone that fireworks — aerial consumer fireworks, firecrackers and chasers, skyrockets, roman candles, bombs, and metal wire sparklers — are illegal in New York State.

Fireworks are beautiful, but dangerous, and the use of fireworks can often lead to devastating injuries.  An unplanned trip to the emergency room, or worse, can wreck any holiday.

Respecting firework laws and the dangers they were written to avoid is the best way to have a safe celebration with memories that will last a lifetime.  Let us also remember that Independence Day noise can be trying for households with pets, small children, and others.

I would like to wish all Lindenhurst residents and visitors a Happy and Safe 4th of July, and ask that you are all kind and considerate this holiday.