New Vacuum Truck for Department of Public Works

Mayor Michael Lavorata is happy to announce that the Village of Lindenhurst has recently purchased a Vacuum Cleaning Truck.  The Vacuum Truck is used by the Lindenhurst Department of Public Works for cleaning storm water drainage lines, drainage basins, and culverts to ensure effective positive water flow.  Mayor Lavorata said, “Storm water vacuum cleaning is a cost effective method of removing the dirt, grit, and other debris that can build up and result in partial or complete interruption of leaching and storm water flow.”   The Vacuum Truck uses high pressure water while simultaneously vacuuming back flushed debris and water from the catch basin or manhole into an enclosed and sealed collection body.  Pictured here at the vacuum truck is (l-r) Department of Public Works employee Frank Gandiosi, Village Administrator Douglas Madlon, and Mayor Michael Lavorata.