Lindy Cares Youth Visits the White House


Members of the Lindenhurst Community Cares Coalition (LCC) and thirteen students from Lindy Cares Youth visited the White House to meet represented Lindenhurst in a meeting with the Associate Director/Liaison of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to discuss ideas for a Drug Free Lindenhurst.

The students, ranging in grades seven through twelfth, listened to a presentation from a Research Intern about his experience working in drug prevention on a national level. The presenter explained that the efforts of groups, such as the LCC and Lindy Cares Youth, are vital and contribute to changing the current trends of excessive abuse and misuse of drugs and alcohol across the nation.

This experience was designed to engage and inspire members of Lindy Youth to continue to strive to reach their fullest potential in service to the community. Some of these students will go off to college next year with a greater knowledge about the dangers of misuse, while others will continue to raise awareness and educate their peers.

LCC effects community level change through campaigns and events meant to increase the protective factors and raise barriers to access drugs and alcohol to underage youth.

This trip was made possible because of support from Mayor Brennan, the Village Board, Lindenhurst Fire Department and private donations from Lindenhurst Residents. The Lindenhurst Fire Department provided transportation for the group.