Message from the Village – Updated 7/2/21

This is another update on our response to the incident on June 22, 2021 involving the improper removal of certain parrot nests from Village Park.  As you may know, this unapproved action resulted in the unneeded loss of bird life which could have been avoided.  The Mayor and Village Board are deeply saddened and offended by the unprofessional actions of our contractor and the subcontractor resulting in this inhumane loss.  Ironically, this cost-neutral, innovative, green-energy project was intended to protect the environment.  We have met with our Village contractor, Johnson Controls, and shortly expect a report of their findings as to what happened.  We also believe that, at least based on their website, the subcontractor they hired does not appear to be an “animal control specialist” at all.  We have also met with the SCPA and are demanding those responsible be prosecuted.  At no point, until it was too late, was the Village aware that the actions of the subcontractor would harm any bird life.  Fortunately, some of the birds were saved and are being cared for by New York State Licensed Animal Rehabber, Samantha Boyd.  We are supporting that care, and are donating $500.00 towards her work.  Any work on the lighting where the nests were removed will continue to be suspended.