Message from Mayor Lavorata



June 3, 2020


Dear Village Residents:

I do not generally write about issues that happen in other communities. However, since George Floyd’s tragic death in Minneapolis has impacted all communities, throughout our nation, as your Mayor, I would like to share some of my thoughts. First and foremost, my goal is to maintain the safety and security of everyone. I will continue to work with the Suffolk County Police Department, as well as our County and Town officials to achieve that goal. I do understand that many want to send a message for change. I hope the message is sent without violence. We are “Lindy Strong”! We can come together peacefully, and build up our community, not tear it down.

There are ways to honor the memory of George Floyd and create a more peaceful world without people breaking into buildings, setting police cars on fire, vandalizing stores, and jeopardizing the safety of community residents. It does no good to leave innocent store-owners and their employees without their livelihood, especially in light of the financial hardships brought on by the pandemic. Many store-owners have worked their lifetime to build their businesses, and have lost everything due to the events of the past weeks.

I hope that together, as the Lindenhurst community, we can emerge from the pandemic and the tragedy of George Floyd’s death with increased compassion, understanding, respect, and dignity for one another, and a renewed commitment for decency and equality for all people.

I pray our world can be peacefully united, and our community can get back to some type of normalcy very soon. I am proud to be your Mayor, and proud of all our residents; in light of all the hardships, stress, and suffering, our “Lindy Spirit” remains strong.


Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor