Mayor’s Message – January 2021


We are all hoping the mild Winter we’ve been enjoying continues until Springtime.  However, just in case Mother Nature does not cooperate, we wanted to put out some information for our residents of things you should be aware of about Village snow removal.  No matter how great an accumulation of snow Winter brings, we in the Village of Lindenhurst remain prepared.  The Village Department of Public Works takes great pride in keeping our roads clear and safe, quickly and efficiently.

DO YOUR PART!  One of the most helpful things residents can do during a snow emergency is to get cars off the street.  Park in your driveway, if you have one, or ask a neighbor if you can share theirs – they may welcome the request as more cars normally means less shoveling.  This simple act will make it so much easier for the snow plows to get through, which will mean our streets will be cleared sooner and more effectively.

DO NOT SHOVEL SNOW INTO ROADWAY!  Additionally, please be aware that it is against Village Code to shovel/blow snow into the street since it can create a road hazard.  Try not to clear your driveway until plows are finished.  When the street is completed, pile the snow to the right (your right when facing the street/your left when facing the house) of the driveway.  This will avoid the snow being pushed back into your driveway if the plows need to come through again.  Also, please don’t forget to clear sidewalks and fire hydrants adjacent to your property after a storm.

Remember, in a snowstorm the Village’s number one job is safety.  Main roads and emergency snow routes are first priority for the plows; side streets to follow.  Our Department of Public Works plow trucks are out at all hours, in all conditions, to clear the Village roadways so that we are able to go about the business of daily living within a reasonable amount of time.

I remain humble to be the Mayor of the Village of Lindenhurst, and I hope our residents appreciate the hard work of our Village employees, and our commitment to getting the job done.