Mayor’s Message – December 23, 2020




I wish everyone in our Lindenhurst Community a very Happy Holiday, and a Healthy New Year!  We have so many things to be grateful for, including our family, friends, and neighbors.  Look at all we have been through this year, and look at how our community has come together to help one another.  We will continue to get through the pandemic, and be even stronger – Lindy Strong!  Now, the hope of the COVID-19 vaccine is upon us, and the New Year looks bright and hopeful.  It is going to take a little while to distribute the vaccine, but the end of the pandemic is in sight.  In 2021, we hope that things will begin to get back to some type of “normal”.


I am so very proud to be the Mayor of the great Village of Lindenhurst.  As life continues to have its ups and downs, there is nothing better than sharing the journey with the amazing people of this Village.  Together, our burdens are eased, and our joys and accomplishments are multiplied.  As I always say, Lindenhurst is not just a place, it is home.  I love Lindenhurst!