Mayor’s Message – December 1, 2020

In recent news, we have been hearing the wonderful reports about effective COVID vaccines that have been developed, tested, and will soon be administered in phases to the public.  This news is like a beautiful sunrise, coming up after a long, dark night.  With COVID case numbers currently high (Newsday reported on 12/1 that Lindenhurst Village has 850 cumulative cases; a 6.14% increase) and hospitals full, we are not out of the darkness yet, but we are seeing the first rays of sunlight.

As has been the case with most holidays this year, Christmas will look different in 2020.  Many activities in December have already been cancelled, and with hospitals and healthcare workers stretched thin, more restrictions are on the horizon.  However, we know that they are temporary.  We are still walking through the dark tunnel and must be careful, but we can see the light at the end of it.

I understand how trying – mentally, emotionally, and physically – this effort is for us all.  Our Lindenhurst Community has already come so far in rising to the challenges of this pandemic.  At the same time, I urge you not to let your guard down.  We must all recommit to taking care of ourselves, and each other, and remain vigilant as ever about wearing a mask, physical distancing, hand washing, and all public health measures.  These measures are critical elements to our success as the Lindenhurst Community, and as your Mayor, I am grateful for all you have done thus far.


Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor