Mayor’s Beautification Society Awards Winners of Wreath Contest

The Mayor’s Beautification Society of Lindenhurst held its annual Holiday Wreath Contest on Sunday December 6, 2015. Each year the Mayor’s Beautification Society (MBS) gives out wreaths to different individuals and organizations to decorate. The wreaths are then returned to the Mayor’s Beautification Society and hung in the storefronts along Wellwood Avenue in the Village of Lindenhurst.

On the day of the tree lighting, the wreaths are brought to the Lindenhurst Fire Department fire house and are judged based on several different categories. The winners are listed below.

Thank you to all those that participated and helped make this year’s contest a great one!

Congratulations to all the winners!

MBS Wreath Contest 2015 Winners

Kindergarten to Second Grade:
First: Girl Scout Troop 507
Second: Girl Scout Troop 339
Third: Girl Scout Troop 1189
Honorable Mention: Girl Scout Troop 1825 and Girl Scout Troop 1054


Pictured here are members of Troop 1189, which placed third for Kindergarten to Second Grade.

Third to Sixth Grades:
First: Girl Scout Troop 3821 and Girl Scout Troop 2443
Second: Girl Scout Troop 513
Third: Girl Scout Troop 840 and Girl Scout Troop 2089
Honorable Mention: Girl Scout Troop 762 (One troop, but the troop submitted two identical wreaths due to troop being so large.)

TROOP-3821-1ST-PLACE-3-6-((2-OF-2)Pictured here are members of Troop 3821, which placed first for Third to Sixth Grades.


Pictured is Troop 2443’s wreath, which also placed first for Third to Sixth Grades.

Seventh to Ninth Grades:
First: Girl Scout Troop 3681 and 3683 (Two troops submitted one wreath.)
Second: Girl Scout Troop 1553
Third: Girl Scout Troop 2282


Pictured here are members of Troop 3681 and 3683, which placed first for Seventh to Ninth Grades.

Adult Group:
First: Girl Scout Troop 1154
Second: Girl Scout Troop 324


Pictured here is Troop 1154, which placed first in the Adult Level, along with, left to right, Trustee Joan M. Masterson, Suffolk County Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey, Mayor Thomas A. Brennan, Trustee Maryann Weckerle and Deputy Mayor Michael A. Lavorata.