Johnson Controls Lighting Project – Protecting the Monk Parakeets (Quaker Parrots)

Village of Lindenhurst – Johnson Controls Lighting Project

Protecting the Monk Parakeets (Quaker Parrots)


Over the next few weeks, our teams will be performing essential upgrade and maintenance work on the sports field lights to provide more reliable, energy efficient and effective lighting so that our community can maximize use of the fields.

To minimize disruption to the Monk Parakeet colonies on the lighting poles and to safely perform the work, the Village of Lindenhurst and its contractor Johnson Controls have been working closely with noted Monk Parakeet expert Alison Fragale and local bird volunteer Nancy Goldstein.

With their guidance, we are taking the following steps help ensure the birds are well-treated:


By performing the work in December, well after breeding season closes in October we minimize the potential presence of eggs or hatchlings.


Our teams will create noise to cause the birds to temporarily leave the nests for nearby trees. They will return once the work is done.


Where possible the work will be performed without touching the nests.

On-call Recovery

Our teams have been given guidance on how to tend for any bird that is unable to fend for itself, and we have volunteers on call to rescue birds and take them to sanctuary.


Contacts for further information:


Village of Lindenhurst

Douglas Madlon, Village Administrator



Johnson Controls

Chaz Bickers 224-307-0655