Coronavirus Update #4 from Mayor Lavorata



April 14, 2020


Dear Village Residents

As we shelter at home, our lives have changed.  We find ourselves in a time of waiting.  Waiting for answers.  Waiting for this virus to pass.  Waiting to get back to life as normal.  By now, most of us know of someone who has tested positive, or has passed from COVID-19.  As I write this, Newsday lists there are 289 people in Lindenhurst Village with the Coronavirus.  I continue to pray for each and every one of them for a speedy recovery,

We are not used to seeing our friends and neighbors wearing masks and gloves.  Many of our residents are facing financial hardships because of the virus. There is so much to be concerned about.

During these challenging times, I would like to dwell on the positive.  I am so grateful for the things I normally took for granted.  I am grateful that our grocery stores are open and the shelves stocked.  I am grateful to the staff of our local restaurants and eateries for providing takeout and delivery.  I am thankful, and so proud, of our Lindenhurst Fire Department EMTs, and our volunteer Fire Fighters & Rescue Company, for their selfless service during this difficult time.  I am grateful for our Department of Public Works employees for picking up our garbage and recyclables daily.  I am grateful for our doctors, nurses, and hospital workers who are laboring tirelessly trying to save lives.  It is often during difficult times that we see the best of people, and, once again, the people of Lindenhurst have shown us their best.  I am so grateful to be your Mayor.

We will get through this together; we have been through worse.  What has always made us “Lindy Strong” is our sense of community, and it is our shared bond of support and concern that will get us through the next few weeks.  Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn; DO not give up.  We will overcome this virus and get back to normal life, together.  I love Lindenhurst and your Village government is here for you.

Stay calm, carry on, and continue to follow the advice of the medical experts — wash your hands, do not touch your face, keep six-feet apart, stay home, and only go out for essential business.  Please continue to take care of yourself, your families, and each other.  May you all stay healthy and safe.  God bless you.



Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor