Blood Drive Held in Honor of Helen Lavorata

Shahnaz Karim of Lockwood, Kessler, and Bartlett Inc. recently sponsored a blood drive in memory of Lindenhurst Mayor Michael Lavorata’s wife Helen Lavorata.  Shahnaz said, “Two years have passed since the world lost this beautiful soul. I felt a blood drive was a wonderful way to remember Helen.”

The pandemic has impacted many areas of life, including the availability of blood for emergency life-saving measures. Blood drives, like the one organized in honor of Helen Lavorata, are essential to replenishing the blood inventory.

Mayor Lavorata said, “I am honored and so thankful to Shahnaz for sponsoring a blood drive in Helen’s memory. Thank you to all those that donated blood.”

Pictured with Mayor Lavorata and the blood drive staff are Hamzah Shibli (Shahnaz’s son) and Shahnaz Karim.