November 20, 2020


Dear Village Residents,

The Pandemic is becoming more critical all across the United States; new records are being set daily.  According to Newsday, as of November 18th, there has been a 5.29 daily increase in Corona Virus cases within the Village of Lindenhurst.

With the Thanksgiving Holiday and extended time off from work this week, everyone should re-think how they will be seeing their families, extended families, and friends.  Consider smaller groups and, if possible, separate tables.  Maybe invite family and friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving on different days so that you maintain a smaller group.  Another suggestion is to use technology to celebrate the holiday with friends and loved ones.

A vaccine is very close for distribution, so I am hopeful the Pandemic of 2020 might be over soon.  However, in the meantime, it is going to be different during our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Kicking the Holiday Season off with a family “super-spreader” get together would be heart breaking.

Again, I urge everyone to use an abundance of caution to provide your family and friends the safety, security, and peace of mind so that everyone can focus on family, friends, and festive holiday fun. May God bless all of you, and I am proud to serve Lindenhurst as your Mayor.


Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor