Village Square Public Safety Office Opens


Public safety in the Village of Lindenhurst Downtown Business District continues to be a top priority for the Lindenhurst Village Board.  Trustee RJ Renna has stated, “Our Downtown should be a place where everyone feels safe to work, live, shop, visit, and enjoy special events.”

In recent months, the Village has increased the number of Public Safety Officers patrolling the Downtown, installed additional surveillance cameras, and established a Downtown Public Safety office in Village Square Park. The Public Safety office is located next to the Gazebo, and is equipped with radios, surveillance camera monitors, and an area for residents to report issues.

Our Village Public Safety Officers provide a friendly and visible presence, and serve as the eyes and ears of the Downtown. They work with the Suffolk County Police Department, businesses, property owners, and residents to provide an additional layer of safety.

Mayor Michael Lavorata said, “Our public safety team provides an impactful and positive improvement to the safety and quality of life in the Village Downtown Business District.”

Pictured here (left to right) are Trustee RJ Renna, Director of Public Safety Ray Fais, Mayor Michael Lavorata, and Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle