“The Good Rats” Rock Lindenhurst

Pictured here enjoying “The Good Rats” in concert (left to right): Jack Spiller (one of the concert sponsors), Mayor Michael Lavorata, Sweet Suzi, and Tony Dibari

Local rock fans recently enjoyed an evening with “The Good Rats” at Lindenhurst Village Square Park. The Village of Lindenhurst sponsors free concerts in the square every Saturday from Memorial Day through most of September. Village Trustee RJ Renna said, “There is some type of entertainment in the downtown every weekend in Lindenhurst. Activities include outdoor concerts, performances at our local theaters, festivals, the Village Farmers Market, and local bands and acoustic artists performing at many of our restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops.” Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle also said, “There are a host of restaurants serving some of the finest food in the area. Lindenhurst is a fantastic destination any day of the week.”