South Shore Theatre Experience Opens on Wellwood

The South Shore Theatre Experience has opened a location at 115 South Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst. For more information on shows and tickets, visit the theatre’s website at: or call (631) 669-0506.

The theatre will be featuring an original show written by Lindenhurst resident Gerry Ferretti:

Bridge the Gap
A World Premiere Musical
by Gerry Ferretti

Nov. 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 at 8pm
Nov. 12 at 3pm
All Tickets $15

Almost 30 years ago, while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a story was born. Attending a school where so many talented famous people learned their craft, Gerry always wondered – what about the ones who never made it? Where are they now? What happened in their lives that changed the course of their dreams? As a struggling actor, writer, musician Gerry often posed the question – what would have happened if the Beatles broke up when they were 17 and no one ever heard of Paul McCartney? And what if “Unknown Paul” became an accountant but STILL wrote every song he’s ever written. And what if he appeared in a record studio at 50 years old and tried to get his music heard? Would anyone listen? So, drawing on this and from the people and experiences in his life Gerry wrote an outline for BTG. Never satisfied, Gerry completed a dozen re-writes over the next few years but the screenplay sat un-produced in a drawer for almost 6 years! Seeing Bridge The Gap come to life on stage has been a dream come true twice over.

For more info or to make a reservation call
South Shore Theatre Experience
115 South Wellwood Ave.
Lindenhurst, NY
additional parking and entrance in the rear