The Village of Lindenhurst is hoping to significantly reduce flooding on South 8th Street through a new water control system that pumps stormwater back into the canal.  If successful, this “proof of concept” project can be replicated on other Village streets south of Montauk.

Trustee Patrick Pichichero said, “This new technology will prevent most street flooding which plagues South 8th Street during an abnormal high tide or in heavy rains.  The pump, along with check valves that fit into drainage pipes, will prevent water from backing up and flooding streets.  The pump is designed to move as much as 11,000 gallons of water per minutes.”

Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle added, “The valves and water pump will mitigate substantially most of the nuisance flooding that South 8th Street and some of our low-lying areas are predominantly subject to.”

Pictured here (left to right) are:  Trustee Patrick Pichichero, Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle, Trustee Joan M. Masterson, South 8th Street Resident Patrick Norton, and Superintendent of DPW Rick Sorrentino