Mayor’s Message – October 2022

The Village of Lindenhurst is preparing to begin work on a project to improve pedestrian and traffic safety on Wellwood Avenue, in the heart of the Downtown Business District. Funded partly through a Suffolk County Jumpstart Grant, this project will include the installation of pedestrian crosswalks, sidewalk bulbouts and median extensions, repaving and curbing of the road, and restriping and reangling of parking spaces.

An additional component of this “facelift” to our Downtown, will be the planned removal, relocation, and replanting of trees along Wellwood Avenue. Many tree species that were planted long ago have turned out to be unsuitable for growth and flourishment in the Downtown. Dead and dying trees will be identified for removal, as well as trees that have damaged the sidewalks, creating pedestrian hazards, and trees that are interfering with wires.

As the Village creates a plan for the relocation of old trees and planting of new ones, we are committed to planting two trees throughout the Village for every one removed. The species of new trees to be planted will be chosen for their longevity; ones that will not become too large and cause future damage. As we map out the plan for Wellwood Avenue, we will take into account such things as, choosing sites that will work better for the viewing of store signs, and the overall beautification of the Village Downtown. Once we lay the locations out, it is possible that our Village Downtown will have even more trees!

We will also make sure that all tree memorial placards that need to be removed during the process will be put back, and families and loved ones will be notified if any are to be relocated.

As your Mayor, and on behalf of the Village Board, we are committed to keeping the planting, preserving, and caring of trees as a top priority for the Village of Lindenhurst. Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and trees are here to fight with us. Let us build a greener future together!

I remain proud to serve as your Mayor. Let us continue to work to ensure Lindenhurst will be a great place to live, work, and play, for many generations to come.


Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor