Mayor’s Message – May 2021

During our May 4, 2021 public meeting, the Lindenhurst Village Board unanimously voted to require all members of the public, employees, and patrons of Village-owned facilities, parks, and fields (indoor and outdoor) to wear a mask. This Village policy will keep mask restrictions in place until we have been advised by the CDC and the Governor of the State of New York that the pandemic is fully over, and it is safe to go about our new normal without face coverings.

According to the new CDC guidance, everyone should “mask up” in crowded, outdoor situations, such as live performances, parades, or sporting events, regardless of vaccination status. However, people do not have to wear masks outside when they walk, bike, or run alone or with family members, whether they are fully vaccinated or not.

More and more people are being vaccinated, and things are getting better in our Lindenhurst Community. However, we are not quite there yet. The Village Administration cannot emphasize this enough, especially, as the weather warms. It can be tempting to think we can forget about COVID precautions. We cannot. Many residents remain unvaccinated. The potential for spreading the virus to those not yet protected is still a real possibility. The Village of Lindenhurst urges us all to remain vigilant in our efforts to remain safe, while still enjoying the warm weather fun in our community!

I remain grateful to serve as the Mayor of our Lindenhurst Community.