Mayor’s Message – March 2022

As you may know, Governor Hochul has at least for now, removed the Accessory Dwelling Unit mandate from the NY State Budget. You may also know that it was included in a budget rather than debated as a separate issue. If not for the amazing work of the Suffolk County Village Officials Association (SCVOA) and our Counsel, it may have not been detected and could have passed along with the overall budget.

The SCVOA, of which I am honored to have recently been elected as one of the Vice-Presidents, worked tirelessly with our Villages, as well as our Town and County officials here in Suffolk County. Our Executive Director Paul Tonna, a former Presiding Officer in the Suffolk County Legislature worked with the many members of the SCVOA Executive Board from the west end of the county to the east end. There were many meetings and conference calls during this episode. We stood tall and united as a unit against the Governor’s assault on our local zoning.

I also want to thank many of our local elected officials who also supported our efforts especially Suffolk County Legislator and Presiding Officer Kevin J. McCaffrey for his press conference 2 weeks ago. We had many elected officials from both sides of the aisle in our court. Thanks to Town of Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer for his support along with his colleagues on the Town Board, Village of Amityville Mayor Dennis Siry and Village of Babylon Mayor Mary Adams.

A special thanks to our very own Lindenhurst Village Board of Trustees, as well. We worked tirelessly to fight this together!

But I really want to thank you, the people, for sharing social media posts and signing petitions against this assault on our “Home Rule” which not only protects our zoning but our overall suburban way of life. No one will deny that there is a housing crisis in the State. However, this mandate is not the way to solve it. We have enough parking issues, battered infrastructures and crowded schools right now. Besides, Lindenhurst as does many Villages, already has a Two-Family Review Board that handles accessory apartments. We need not have the state tell us how to handle our affairs lest they cannot manage their own.

You have helped us Save Our Suburbs. But the fight is NOT over. This coup could be attempted again so we need to remain vigilant. Once again, thanks for your help. You folks are amazing! I could not be prouder, and I am honored to serve as your mayor.

God bless you all,

Michael A. Lavorata