Mayor’s Message – July 2022

In recent years, the number of trees planted in the Village of Lindenhurst has been far less than the number of trees removed.  Many trees have been lost due to nor’easters, hurricanes, and wind storms over the past several years.  The Village has also had to take down trees that were causing uprooted sidewalks, dangerous conditions, and, in some cases, diseased trees.  As the Mayor of our Village, I am announcing that the on-going removal of trees, without replanting new ones, is going to stop.  The Village’s new policy will be that, for every tree taken down or removed, a new tree will be planted.

There are many benefits to having trees planted in our Village.  It is no secret that our air quality is not what it used to be.  Harmful greenhouse gases have been building up in the atmosphere, creating a dangerous bubble.  The majority of greenhouse gas is made up of carbon dioxide.  The benefits of planting trees to absorb these gases is truly a no-brainer.  Trees provide cleaner air by adding oxygen, and soaking up carbon dioxide, creating cleaner, healthier air for us to breathe.  Trees are our biggest tool in the struggle to lower atmosphere carbon, and mitigate climate change.

Many residents ask the question, how do I know if my street tree should be removed?  Residents can call the Department of Public Works (631-957-7520), and a Foreman will make an inspection of the tree to determine if it meets the Village criteria for tree removal.  Trees will be removed if they are determined to be dead, dying, diseased, or dangerous.  If the tree does not meet these criteria, the tree will not be removed.

As your Mayor, I cannot emphasize this enough – planting, preserving, and caring for trees will again become a top priority for the Village of Lindenhurst.  Tree preservation will complement our overall green initiative, which has included the installation of a solar car port at the LIRR commuter parking lot, solar panels at the Rainbow Community Center & Village Hall, and the conversion of Village street and ball-field lights to energy-efficient LED lighting,

Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and trees are here to fight with us.  Let us build a greener future together!

I remain proud to serve as your Mayor.  Let us continue to work to ensure Lindenhurst will be a great place to live, work, and play, for many generations to come.