There are a lot of dedicated people in our Lindenhurst Community, working hard and volunteering their time to deliver all types of services and resources to meet the needs of our residents.  We are all very busy, but it is also important to pause sometimes and ensure that we are communicating about what is going on, and why, and how, residents can get informed and make themselves heard.

Lindenhurst Community Cares Coalition, under the direction of Lori-Ann Novello, did just that this past week with their annual “Spirit of the Community” meeting.  At the event, numerous service clubs and organizations made presentations regarding what their group does, and how we all benefit.

Mayor Michael Lavorata and Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle both attended, and thanked Ms. Novello and her staff for a very well-done, informative program, with participation from many of our community leaders.

Pictured here (left to right):  Legislative Aide from NYS Senator Phil Boyle’s Office Anne Parmely, Lindenhurst Moose Lodge President Paul LaMartina, SCPD Officer Marotta, Mayor Lavorata, Lori-Ann Novello, and Lindenhurst Knights of Columbus Chancellor Patrick Corcoran.