Lindenhurst Honors Mario Braga

The residents of the Narragansett Villas of Lindenhurst held a gathering to recognize and thank Mario Braga for his 15 years of selfless service as President of the Narragansett Villas Homeowners Association.

Mayor Michael Lavorata said, “I am happy to join in this tribute to Mario Braga for his deep commitment to his Narragansett community. It is a rare individual these days who is willing to place his concern for his community ahead of his personal interests, and Mario is highly deserving of the having a day in his honor.  Our Lindenhurst Community celebrates Mr. Braga and his achievement.”

Pictured here (left to right) are Village Administrator Clerk Douglas Madlon, Mayor Michael Lavorata, Mario Braga, Margaret “Bunny” Braga, and Alice Cromarty.