Mayor Michael Lavorata and Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle recently attended a holiday gathering of the Lindenhurst Fire Council.

Deputy Mayor Weckerle said, “We sincerely appreciate the spirit of cooperation that exists between the Village Administration and our wonderful Fire Department.  Personally, I thank all of our Lindenhurst Fire Department members for their on-going, selfless service and dedication to the people of the Lindenhurst Community.”

“Our firefighters put in an enormous amount of time and effort, not only in response to emergency and rescue calls, but also in the training required to be prepared for the diversity of response requests they receive,” said Mayor Lavorata.

Pictured here (left to right): Village Administrator Clerk Douglas Madlon, 3rd Assistant Chief Jonathan Cutolo, 2nd Assistant Chief Robert Santos, Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle, 1st Assistant Chief David Collins, Mayor Michael Lavorata, and Chief Michael DeGregorio.