LFD Chiefs Sworn In

The newly-elected Chief and Assistant Fire Chiefs of the Lindenhurst Fire Department were recently officially sworn in to office by Lindenhurst Mayor Michael Lavorata.

  • Craig A. Santoli, Chief
  • Michael DeGregorio , 1st Assistant Chief
  • David Collins, 2nd Assistant Chief
  • Robert Santos, 3rd Assistant Chief

Mayor Lavorata said, “Congratulations on being re-elected as Chiefs of the Lindenhurst Fire Department, and keep up the great work. I cannot thank the Chiefs and members of the Lindenhurst Fire Department enough for their on-going, selfless service to the Lindenhurst Community.” Trustee RJ Renna added, “They have the courage and training, and they do a great job of responding to emergencies and protecting our community.”

Pictured here (left to right) – Front Row: 3rd Assistant Chief, Robert Santos, 1st Assistant Chief, Michael DeGregorio, Chief, Craig Santoli, 2nd Assistant Chief, David Collins; Back Row: Trustee RJ Renna, Deputy Mayor Maryann Weckerle, Mayor Michael Lavorata, Trustee Patrick Pichichero