Downtown Revitalization

During this past year, we have probably seen more progress in our Downtown Revitalization than in any prior time period. Several new restaurants have opened, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Clearly, the excitement is brewing so much so that recently, Newsday featured the Village of Lindenhurst as a growing “culinary hub”, which is something that many people probably would have never expected to hear. We recently welcomed Villa Pizza & Restaurant and Bakuto to our array of various cuisines. 27A Micro-Brewery also opened, and pretty soon Sand City Brewing Company, Hermanas, Pita Bowl, and Hunter and Thief will be opening, thus providing even more destinations for both locals and visitors to congregate for good times. Pretty neat!

It is important to our administration to hear the ideas, suggestions and concerns of residents. If you have something you would like to share with the Village Board, please contact Village Hall. Along with the Board of Trustees, our Administrative staff and all the employees of the Village, we look forward to continuing to serve the Village to the best of our abilities for the betterment of Lindenhurst!

Warmest Regards, Michael A. Lavorata, Mayor